The 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Getting Blackout Drunk

drunk girls

Good news for binge drinkers – recent studies have proven that getting blackout drunk has some surprising health benefits:

Stumbling in Heels Burns More Calories
Did you wake up in an unfamiliar apartment on the opposite side of town again? Leading fitness experts claim that stumbling across town in high heels, especially during the summer, can burn as many as 2,000 calories in addition to strengthening your ankles and shaping your calves. Embarrassing your friends by dancing at the club counts, too! Just remember not to take those heels off on those city streets: Stepping on broken glass is the second most common cause of drinking-related infections in women.


Intermittent Fasting
If you are lucky enough to pass out before the late-night munchies, you can enjoy the benefits of alcohol-related, intermittent fasting. Most adherents also follow a 5:2 rule – five days of regular eating and two days of fasting on only water and coffee. Being too nauseous to eat can be a good thing – just count it as one of your fasting days and have a guiltless gorge on your roommate’s leftovers when you recover!



Sleeping Beauty
Blacking out gives you a great opportunity to catch up on all that beauty rest you lost last week while binge-watching True Tori. The extra hours of sleep you pack in while in Blackout Land could provide up to five REM cycles – just what your body ordered! You’ll be so dead to the world you wont even hear the traffic outside, or your ringing work phone, or even your fire alarm!


Toxins Be Gone!
Save that spa money and put it toward some cocktails, girl! Sweating helps release toxins and rid your body of those Irish car bombs faster than a shower or glass of water. So sweat away – and save money on facials.