How to Find a Creative Outlet When You Aren’t Good at Anything

It’s important to have healthy outlets where you can destress and focus your energy on something creative, but it can be hard to find your hobby when you don’t have any creative imagination or skills and when you suck at most stuff. If that’s the case, don’t worry! Here’s how to find a creative outlet, even if you aren’t really good at anything at all.


Pick an area of interest.

When it comes to picking a creative outlet, your options are unlimited, except for they’re super limited cause you’re not good at much. Narrow down your choices by picking a field or area of creation that particularly speaks to you. Maybe you’re interested in pottery or maybe you’ve always wanted to figure paint! But probably don’t pick either of those because painting is really hard and you’ll never be able to master a pottery wheel. Nothing comes easily to you!


Explore Pinterest.

If you aren’t able to think of a creative outlet on your own, check out some arts and crafts projects on Pinterest. You can find out how to make candles in beer bottles, elaborately decorate cupcakes, or even papier-mâché jewelryJust remember, your final product will still look nothing like the picture, because while you aren’t creative, you also don’t have nimble fingers or good reading comprehension!


Don’t compare yourself to others.

Try not to lose sight of who you’re doing this for: you! These activities are all about having fun and taking pride in your creations. If you compare your own artistic achievements to those of the people around you, such as your sister who taught herself how to play the piano, guitar, and oboe, or your friend who mindlessly doodles beautiful illustrations, then you won’t find personal fulfillment. Don’t stress! If you stress, then you’re doing your creative outlet even more wrong than you were before!



Just watch a show.

If you’re crying and bits of papier-mâché are scattered all over your kitchen, maybe it’s time to just stop and watch a TV show. Honestly, your free time means nothing but should probably be filled with true crime documentary series. Afterall, some of us were made to consume content, not create it. Making things is hard, especially when you actually could not do it to save your life!


Good luck and have fun trying to be artistic and then of course failing! Creative outlets are all about exploring your unknown abilities and trying not to break down when you realize you don’t have any. Happy crafting!