How To Make a Vision Board, Even Though the Bachelorette Is On

You’ve finally found some time to create a visual representation of your hopes and dreams, but there’s one problem: ABC’s The Bachelorette finale is tonight. It’s extremely important you know which man she accepts a proposal from, but also shouldn’t you be focusing on your own life journey? Here are the steps to take to get your hopes and dreams on that corkboard you bought months ago, even though this freaking beautiful show where midwesterners find love on national TV is about to start.


Pick up supplies

Head to a craft store to grab some twine, glitter, and even scented stickers! You’ll need the inspiration, because when the clock strikes eight, the temptation of following the final leg of Becca’s journey will begin to consume you. But no, you promised yourself tonight would be about you and your dreams! But remember when she sent Jason home in Thailand? NO! This is your life. Becca is not your life!


Choose a color scheme

Keep your vision board simple, focused and inspiring. Just like Becca kept her recovery from Ari’s cruel breakup! She has truly practiced such grace in the way she treats the contestants on her show, but don’t get distracted! It’s time for you to manifest your hopes and dreams! Stop thinking about this random woman on an ABC reality show that will probably choose a racist as a husband! Maybe go with pastels.



Find some good quotes.

Light a candle, take a deep breath and sift through your favorite quotes. Even though your favorite quote is probably from the scrapbook Jason made Becca when he was sent home? Wow, it’s so easy to get distracted when you’re prioritizing someone else’s happiness over your own!


Be honest with yourself

As you’re creating your vision board, think about what you really want in life. Do you want a better job? Do you want to travel? Do you want to make this vision board? Or do you want to watch The Bachelorette? Cool. That settles it, you’re tuning in!


Use these tips to create a board that will lead you to unique greatness. We know it’s hard because Becca is choosing between Garrett and Blake and both of them are so scared they’ll probably shit their pants. Go get your life, but first, watch Becca get hers!