How To Declutter Your Life, Assuming You Can Afford To Buy New Possessions At Any Time

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the things that clutter your home and mind? Decluttering is a great way to improve your quality of life as long as you can buy new versions of whatever you just threw out that you really shouldn’t have thrown them out in the first place. Here are some proven methods of eliminating all that stuff, assuming that you have enough disposable income to buy anything you need, at any time.


If You Haven’t Worn It In The Past Six Months, Toss It!

A tried and true decluttering method from Oprah, a billionaire, is to turn around the hangers of items in your closet that you’ve worn so that you can evaluate what you actually wear. Anything that you haven’t worn in the past three months doesn’t belong in your closet, even including all dresses that you only wear to weddings. This is presuming that you’ll be able to buy new clothes next time you have to go to a wedding or the seasons change. Now all your problems are gone!


Face It: You’re Never Going To Use All That Stuff You Bought In Bulk

Buying things in bulk can be an easy temptation: it’s cheaper, which might make you think that you are getting more for your money. Wrong! There’s no better way to clutter up your house than buying large quantities of food and toilet paper, and honey, you can afford the couple of dollars you save. Of course you can – everyone is rich!


Does It Serve A Purpose Or Bring You Joy? If Not, Get Rid Of It

Take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and evaluate your clutter based on its ability to bring you joy. If, God forbid, what brings you joy happens to change in the future, like when you’re sinusitis returns or you go up a pant size, you can always buy another humidifier or another pair of $200 pants, presupposing you are the kind of person who has a savings account with lots of money in it and no sense of value for the things you own. Don’t you feel better just thinking about it?



Each Month, Get Rid Of 12 Items You Don’t Need

Your apartment is a vast quagmire of possessions, and you definitely do enough shopping that you need to re-evaluate your clutter on a regular basis. The simple act of going through your messy home and getting rid of a few items can bring you peace of mind, especially that bicycle that you won’t need until you total your car six months from now.


Before you know it, you’ll no longer be bogged down with all that stuff you don’t need in the next week or two that you can immediately order again on Amazon. Thankfully, you make enough money that owning things feels like a burden!