4 Ways To Make Life Easier For Yourself, and Harder For Everyone Around You

The world is stressful and most of us are just looking to get through the day. But it doesn’t have to be so hard—for you, at least! Here are four ways to make life a whole lot easier for yourself, and harder for everyone else.


Decide Not to Download Venmo

When it comes time to pay after a dinner out, someone will offer to put their card on the bill and so everyone can just Venmo him. But apps can be complicated and stressful, so avoid situations like this by declining to download Venmo altogether. Just flash your generous friend a smile and say you’ll get them next time. This is so much easier than downloading a complicated app!


Adopt a Stray Cat

Studies have shown that pets make us happier. And who doesn’t want to cuddle with an adorable cat—even if it’s the hissing dirty kitty you yanked out of a garbage can? Apparently, your allergic roommate doesn’t. Just reassure her you’ll keep the stray in your bedroom, except when it uses the litter box you set up in your shared bathroom! Cats are so easy—you’re gonna feel better in no time!!


Leave the Door Unlocked

This simple change will save you literally seconds. Say no to digging through your huge backpack and uncomfortably twisting your wrist to lock the door. Leave it unlocked and go about your day! Don’t you feel less stressed already? When you tell your mom about this timesaving hack, she’ll scold you for “inviting burglars in,” but you can reassure her that if someone does break in, your roommate is there and she can deal with it.


Consider Time to Be a Guideline

Surveys say being late is the number one stressor. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you didn’t hold yourself to such a strict schedule? Decide your coworkers can scramble to make it to the 9am project meeting and trade in that alarm clock for a gentle morning breeze. If you don’t make it to work in time, someone else can give your company-wide presentation. In the meantime, why not apply an eye mask and decide ‘age’ has no true meaning at all?


Life can be so much easier for you thanks to these simple solutions. Don’t forget to thank yourself, and only yourself!