How to Completely Forget About Him Publicly So He Sees

Breakups can be tough, but there comes a point when you have to move on. But what better way to totally forget about your boyfriend than doing so in a fashion that ensures he knows it’s happening? Here’s how to completely forget about him and live your best life, publicly!


Put on a cute outfit, head downtown, and go live on Instagram because honey, you’re over him and maybe he’ll watch!

There’s nothing like a night out with the girls, so why not capture as much footage as you can of you looking crazy hot?. Put on those tight jeans, a low-cut shirt, and that necklace his mom gave you and remember who the fuck you are! Your fit will leave you feeling so sexy you forget all about him. Plus, he follows a lot of your friends on Instagram and will probably see.


Befriend John.

New friends are hugely helpful for forgetting about your ex! Chat up the barista at your local coffee shop. Reach out to that acquaintance over Twitter. Befriend your ex’s best friend, John. You two never really hit it off, so why not seize the moment to finally get to know him. Sure, you’ll hear all about your ex, but more importantly you’ll get close with John. Uh oh, are there sparks between you two? Even if there aren’t, your ex won’t know that when you and John inevitably run into him on that fun date in his neighborhood you planned.


Set your Venmo Transactions to Public.

Put your money where your mouth is! If you’re really trying to forget about him, you need to clear his name out of your Venmo history ASAP, and while you’re at it, you might as well set your profile to public. Next time you’re out with Molly, pay her back with a cute and fun message like “Oh my god, I can’t believe those guys bought most of our drinks.” Or when you pay that plumber who fixed your shower, write “Thanks so much, Tom. It was great getting to know you :).” Lady, you’ve got nothing to hide, and maybe that’ll freak him out a little bit.



Have Sex With John.

You know what they say, to get over someone you have to get under someone! John’s nice enough, so go for it queen! You deserve to be happy! It’s not your fault if your ex finds out. Wait, what ex? That’s right, you’ve forgotten about him! Congrats goddess, you’ve done it.


If you really want to completely forget about your ex, follow the tips above. Once a relationship ends, there is nothing quite as freeing as forgetting the past and becoming your best self in a way that ensures he sees. Independence has never felt so good, and he should know that!