How to Be Dominant in Bed Even Though Your Parents Still Send You Care Packages

Being kinky with your significant other and introducing power play is the perfect way to spice up your relationship, but it can be difficult to be aggressive in bed if you have parents that still send you care packages well into adulthood. Don’t know where to start? Well strap in and strap on! We’ve got the hottest tips on how to dominate in bed for the person whose parents still think of their life in terms of semesters.


Get in the mood.

It can be hard to dominate your partner without setting the stage. Just because your parents send you boxes stuffed with Nerds Ropes and Dad’s homemade peanut butter cups doesn’t mean you can’t be the dominant one in the bedroom! All you need is the right setting. Start by lighting some candles, hiding your copious family portraits, and wrestling the thoughts of your next sweets-filled package with handwritten notes of support out of your slutty little head!


Check in with your partner.

Communication is key in power play: Ask what your partner is into, even though they clearly stated that they wanted you to be more dominant or at all active in bed. Do they like a light slap? Dirty or demeaning language? Or do they just want a slight reprieve from your inability to be sexually primal considering your overly supportive background.


Try to spice it up with props.

Nothing is naughtier than some improvised props, so reach under your bed, ravenously rip open that latest box from mommy and daddy, and whip out your brand new handcuff set: your vast collection of Nerds Ropes. Now you’ll really mean it when dad asks if you enjoyed them. Your bed will also be full of loose nerds. Hot!



Dominate outside of the bedroom

If all else fails, try to warm up to a more dominant role in your sex life by making your partner submissive to you during daily activities. Playfully using power outside of the bedroom can help you slip into that role more easily! Start with what you know best: get your partner riled up with some kinky texts, playfully demand that they carefully bake your grandmother’s recipe of chocolate chip walnut cookies, and become a true dominatrix by having them send it to you in that one Tupperware with an ill-fitted lid that you’ll have to send back!


Once you and your partner get a handle on power play, you’ll never look back! You’ll be living the perfect double life of a dom(me) in the bedroom that can still rake in boxes of goodies from your loving parents who miss you so SO much.