4 Sex Moves That Will Make Him Say, ‘Why Are You in a Beekeeper Suit?’

For many people, sex is a crucial part of a romantic relationship, and if the sex gets stale, the relationship can suffer! That’s why it’s so important to spice things up in the bedroom. Meanwhile, if you happen to maintain a complex network of bee colonies, it’s equally important to wear the proper apparel at all times. So if you’re trying to cultivate both mystery and livestock in the bedroom, try these four moves that will have him saying, “Why are you in a beekeeper suit?”



An oldie, but a goodie. Put a twist on this sexual standard by adding a full-body professional grade beekeeper suit to really make him work for it. Foreplay is essential, so don’t be afraid to take your time slowly slipping out of your lingerie to reveal the thick, cumbersome material that—while not exactly highlighting your figure—is essential to protect against the harsh venom of the bees. There is no question this ensemble will arouse and confuse your man.


Reverse Cowgirl

This position is perfect for the woman who needs to connect sexually with her partner, while also constantly maintaining a watchful eye on her honey production. This move allows you to assert your dominance over the bedroom and the local farmer’s market. Your junk will less accessible in this top-of-the-line beekeeper suit, but it’s sexy to leave a little something/everything to the imagination.



The shower can be a fabulously sensual place to rendezvous with your lover. Coincidentally, the shower is also the optimal place to hide when you’ve angered the bees, and they wreak havoc on the rest of your home. At this point, your guy will be basically begging for you to take off the suit, because he wants to wear it for protection from the vengeful bees. Hot!


In the Car

You’ve successfully eluded the bee’s wrath—and barely managed to sneak yourself and your partner out to the car to zoom away and attempt to begin a new life. No shame in sneaking in a quickie before your murderously violent bees find you! Throw back those seats and go to town, babe. At least now he probably gets why you’re wearing the suit!



As long as you stay aware of people’s emotions, you and your partner should not be afraid to experiment. Plus, if any given position isn’t for you, don’t worry. As long as your lover gazes into the protective mesh covering your eyes and you feel you want to be with them, that’s all that matters. Well, there’s actually one more thing that matters: the bees. Oh god. They see you! Run! Run for your life!