How to Come Off As Complex Without Seeming Too Complicated

You’re a real woman, and you have a lot going on in your life. Whoever you date deserves to see how complex and interesting a person you are—but you don’t want to seem too complicated, or then it gets kind of weird. Here are some tips to become just complex enough to make them love you, just this once.


Share Many of Your Interests, But Not All of Them

The easiest way to start a new relationship is by bonding over common interests, so don’t be afraid to share the diverse and surprising interests that a complex person like you might have. Why talk about your film expertise for good measure? But for Christ’s sake, don’t act like you have too many interests. Nobody wants to be friends with the chick who’s into everything. Too complicated! Pull back!


Be Creative, But Only in Ways He Can Understand

Men are impressed by creative women, so let your imagination run wild and make some stuff—any stuff! It doesn’t matter what you’re making so long as it’s something that will lure in a possible romantic partner. Just be sure not to be too inventive, or they might think you’re all mixed up inside and choose not to pursue you for fear you might complicate his life, too. You can’t scare him like that!


Share Your Relatable Opinions but not the Unrelatable Ones

If there’s one thing men love, it’s a woman with a backbone—but only a little one. Cultivate your viewpoints so they become big, strong, healthy opinions and then carefully choose where and when not to share them. Verbalizing your views with reckless abandon will reveal to him that you are one of those complicated girls who is just a fucking handful, you know? Don’t go overboard with that nuanced personality of yours!



Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Brooding

The first step to reaching optimal complexity is putting a stop to that pesky self-doubt. Present an air of confidence by simply brooding. Brooding is great because it makes it appear as though you have absorbing thoughts and feelings, without having to reveal which thoughts and feelings you actually have, which are way too complicated for him to deal with right now. It’s difficult, but attainable!


No one said it would be easy, but having a complex personality without giving off annoyingly complicated vibes is possible. With the right amount of dedication and focus, you’ll be complex—but not too complicated—in no time.