How To Ask About A Guy’s Penis Size Without Seeming Interested

It’s exciting to have new romantic prospects in your life. But you don’t want to get too invested in someone with a dick that doesn’t suit your needs, but you also don’t want to blow your cover and let him know you’re into him so easily! So how to do you ask about that dick without letting him know it’s for sex reasons? Here’s how:


Bring it up casually while discussing another guy’s dick.

Maybe talk about how you knew a guy with a small dick. Or say your ex had a little dick he was self-conscious about. Then just casually say, “That’s not something that you worry about, though right?” He’ll never see it coming.


Use simple household objects to compare.

Hold up different fruits or desktop items and ask him which of them he thinks is more dick-sized. This banana? Or this little carrot? Say it’s for research, like you’re taking a sculpture class but don’t wanna make the male nude model too uncomfortable or you’re just trying to make an anatomically correct scarecrow. This is easier. And not sexual!


Pull up a photo of Michelangelo’s David and say, “Bet you’re glad you don’t have a dick like that, right?”

This is so direct and to the point that he’ll never suspect that there’s anything more to this exactly what you’re asking. If he get’s shifty: tiny dick. If he nods in agreement: decent dick.


Walk into a doorknob and then say, “Oh my god, for a second I thought that was your dick, but it couldn’t have been your dick because it’s too… small?”

Simple. He’ll have no idea you’re into him.



Ask his friends.
Sometimes a less awkward way about sizing up a guy is by going to his friends. So talk to his guy friend and ask something like, “I heard Mark has a small dick, but that seems like it couldn’t be true.” They’ll set the record straight and none of this will seem weird or invasive to anyone.


It may seem like there’s no good way to find out a guy’s dick size without making him uncomfortable, especially after you got in trouble for that bathroom camera, but you’re wrong! All it takes is a little careful digging and you’ll know what you’re in for before you put yourself out there and rip off those boxer briefs.