How To Grind That Dick Until He Politely Says ‘When’

These days, almost nothing is taboo in the modern dating scene. As long as your partner is game, everything is on the table! But that doesn’t mean we can’t still act like gentleman and ladies and be polite when we grind on that dick. Here’s how to grind that D until your man holds up his hand politely and says, “That’s quite enough, thank you.”


Offer him water.

This is an oft-forgotten aspect of proper etiquette for sexual acts, but things are best for both parties if you’re properly hydrated. Take a moment to refresh yourselves before you begin. If there’s a chill, you could even offer him tea!


Kindly pull out a chair and get his dick hard.

Show your man to his seat. He might be the man, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull out his chair for him. You’re the hostess, after all! Then use whatever methods you’re in the mood for to get his dick ready to grind. Start slow. Set the mood. Get him up. Be ready to keep on going until he says, “Okay thank you.”


Take your seat.

When he’s ready, he’ll probably offer you a comfortable seat on his hard wang. Gracefully seat yourself and start rocking vigorously. There’s nothing like a hard member on a fine day, is there? Express your appreciation. Tell him he’s a fine and good man. He’s getting closer to the moment when he will say, “When.”



Let yourself go and grind with all you’ve got.

It’s easy to get caught up in setting the stage for your guest, but at some point the best thing for everyone is to relax and enjoy yourselves. Your gentleman friend will be happy to see you enjoying yourself while he is inside you. Just when you think you can’t grind that dick any harder, he’ll tap you on the shoulder and say, “Please, carry on!”


Congrats! You’ve hosted a fine evening of merriment and dick grinding. You’ll know you’ve done an elegant job when he says, “when.” Smashing!