How to Budget for Pretending To Like the Things He Likes

Personal Life Tools for Success:

Finding the right guy is tough. You know what’s even tougher? Managing your finances while pretending to like all the things he likes.


Listen. We all know that any guy worth dating is all about Murakami and Burroughs. But do you actually own any of those books? Of course not! You’ve been too focused on your career. But your man is intellectual, and we want him to think that you’ve read every first-edition hardcover. And those are expensive.


So, how does a modern lady budget for pretending to like the things he likes?


They say that 30 percent of your annual income should be spent on rent. After 5 percent for food and 40 percent for clothing, the remainder should be spent complementing the interests of a man of means. Your fiscal responsibility will pay off when your feigned interest in his passions converts into a successful long-term relationship. Does he never shut up about Fleet Foxes? Cough up the $130 for those concert tickets! Do you actually know what Fleet Foxes is? Doesn’t matter! Invest now and you’ll be in the sheets with your future financial partner before you know it.



Does he love craft beer, but you don’t touch carbs? Who cares! Withdraw funds from your 401K to invest in a home brewery. If he likes it, other lucrative male customers surely will as well, and that will create competition in the market for you.


If all goes well and you nail down an affluent partner, you may not have to pay for anything for the rest of your life! Assume some risk – and put that money into pretending to be the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with!


Being liked is fun, and budgeting correctly for how you will go about getting to be liked is half the battle. Your wallet – and romantic state – will thank you!