How to Be Less Evil and Condescending When Shown a TikTok You’ve Already Seen

We’ve all been there: you’re hanging out with a friend when they turn their phone around and show you a TikTok that they find hilarious when you’ve actually seen it once, twice, or even three times already. However, instead of being condescending and evil by telling them that you’ve seen this video before, simply follow these tips to be an actual good person!


Don’t say anything.

Ignorance is bliss! While your instinct may be to stop your friend in their tracks so they don’t waste time showing you a video you’ve already seen before, it’s just not that simple. The time your friend might save showing you this TikTok will just be spent sitting in shame and hating you a little bit for not letting them show it to you, so think before you speak, unless you want to be known as a raging bitch.


Smile and nod.

You need to sell the fact that you’ve never seen this video before, so express your surprise and joy by smiling and nodding while you watch this TikTok your friend thoughtfully showed you. You’ve committed to this performance, so there’s no going back now. Maybe even force a laugh! Y’know, if you actually want to keep this person as a friend.


Thank them for showing you this brand new TikTok, never before seen by you.

You’ll get nowhere in this life without expressing gratitude. Don’t stop yourself short by only acting as if you’ve never seen this viral video before — you need to ensure that your friend feels seen and heard as someone who has their finger on the pulse of pop culture. Try something simple, like, “Thank you so much for showing me this! I honestly can’t imagine my life without seeing this TikTok, which I only saw because of you. Your ‘For You Page’ is so unique!”



Post the TikTok to your story, giving credit to your friend.

Putting the TikTok on your story and tagging your friend is a necessary touch that will lead your friend to think that they’re a real trailblazer. It’s what any good friend –– or someone who’s not a monster –– would do!


There you have it — four simple ways to be less of a horrible person when watching a TikTok you’ve already seen before! However, if this person is showing you a Reel you’ve seen already then, by all means, shut that shit down immediately.