How to Accept the Fact That Your Walk Is Now Over and You Have to See the People

There is nothing more soothing than a lovely walk alone – and the only thing that can ruin it is when the walk is done and you have to see all those people at the end of it. How are you going to enter the room to sit down and talk to the people now? Here is a how to guide accept the fact your walk is now over, and you must do the things and see the people.


Give yourself a post-walk pep talk.

It’s important to give yourself some self-care and affirmation after a good walk without any people. But sometimes, a walk turns into a social situation because you were specifically walking in order to get there. Remind yourself: You are confident, you are beautiful, you enjoy the company of others, and while people are not as good as walks, they sometimes give you things like food and alcohol. People are inherently good, sort of!


Remind yourself even though you like walks better, you ultimately do like people.

All your nice big steps led you to these people. Come on, people aren’t that bad – they have jokes and quips! I’m sure they like walks, too. They say humans are social creatures so by walking and talking you are serving your biological needs. You can do it! You do like people at least a little bit right? Right??



Remember: You still get to walk back!

If all else fails, one thing you can bet on is that you will get to walk home eventually. If you must, focus your energy on the excitement of another walk! Stare longingly out the window like a golden retriever biologically destined to roam the great outdoors. Just make sure you leave quietly and alone so that nobody will be walking in the same direction as you – you simply may not be able to survive the worst of both worlds. Be strong!


They say life’s about the people you meet along the way, but we’re pretty sure that is wrong. Acceptance is not a easy process, but there will be other walks to other people and all you can to is train for your next big one. Off, you brave travelers – may your walks be long and steady and hopefully involve no talking or eye contact!