How to Use The Supply Chain Crisis to Get Out of Buying Gifts for Anyone Except Yourself

With the supply chain crisis taking the world by storm, what are you expected to do when buying gifts for your loved ones in this short-lived holiday season? You’re probably still technically able to get everything for everyone that you planned for, but maybe they don’t need to know that. Here’s how to use the supply chain crisis as the perfect excuse to get out of buying gifts for anyone except yourself!


Send CNN articles about stalled cargo ships to the family group chat everyday.

Even if your family members aren’t well versed on the global supply chain issue, if you keep sending them articles explaining and reporting on it, then they have no reason not to be! Plus, after they’re caught up, when you later write in the chat that “everything I bought for you is all on that one ship,” they’ll all definitely believe you!


Tell your family, friends, and/or significant other how much you love them. And how trucker shortages are making it difficult for you to show that.

This is especially important to do, since it’s all they’ll be getting from you this year. When they end up not finding a gift from you, at least they’ll know how much you still care about them, and they’ll know that it’s simply because of the backlog of factory closures, labor issues, and equipment shortages! Just make sure you’re not wearing your $200 boots or using the Le Creuset pot you bought for yourself when it all goes down, which brings us to our next point:



Hide all the gifts you got for yourself.

This one will be tough, but if you really want to get away with not getting anyone anything except yourself, then you’re gonna have to play it cool when it comes to showing off all the things you got this past month. That means no Instagram pics, no tweets, and absolutely NO ONE seeing your shopping bags or packages. You need to stash all that shit quick, at least until like five months from now, when the supply chain is reportedly supposed to be back on track (at least that’s what you told them, so try to be consistent).


So if you really want to get presents for the people you care about, but you’d rather spend that money on yourself, then follow the tips above to use the supply chain crisis to get out of buying gifts for anyone except yourself. Ugh, this pandemic, right?!