How Old Is Your Inner Child’s Spirit Animal?

To really be in touch with yourself, you must first be in touch with your inner child, which must be in touch with its spirit animal. How old is that inner child’s spirit animal? Answer these quick questions to get to know the animal that lives inside the child that lives inside your soul.


You have a night with no homework. How do you spend it?

A. Just trying not to quill your buddies.

B. Leaping all over the place on a sugar high, then maybe getting shot by a hunter.

C. Hee-haw!

D. I love to just cozy up in my heated blanket, get a fire going, and light some candles.


What nickname do your friends from school call you?

A. Ouchie Guy

B. Bambi

C. Hee-haaaaaaw!

D. Kate (which is short for Katie)


What kinds of things do you say when you’re all alone?

A. “I just want someone to cuddle me without me skewering them from head to toe.”


C. “Heehaw, heehaw!”

D. “I try not to think too hard about anything in particular because it makes me feel feelings.”





Mostly As… your Inner Child’s Spirit Animal is a 15-Year-Old Porcupine!

Like a 5-year-old porcupine, you are desperate for love but tend to keep prospects at a distance. You also tend to chew on dandelions when they’re available.


Mostly Bs… your Inner Child’s Spirit Animal is a 6-Year-Old Deer!

Your inner child may have suffered a great loss, but you’re a better quadruped for it. You’re adorable, lovable, and are responsible for starting the trend of unlikely animal friends.


Mostly Cs… your Inner Child’s Spirit Animal is a 90 Year-Old Donkey!

Your inner child is just exhausted and ready to die.


Mostly Ds… your Inner Child’s Spirit Animal is a Human Female Who Refuses To Tell Us Her Real Age.

Your inner child is being pretty immature about something that isn’t a huge deal. Just tell us how old you are.