Visualize Your Way to Better Visualizations

Are you visualizing a boyfriend in your future? Or are you visualizing the six-foot-four, raven-haired man of your dreams? The universe isn’t going to reward you with the love you deserve if your visualizations are too shitty to become real. But with a simple visualization-improvement technique that uses visualization as its primary tool you can visualize your way to better, more exciting visualizations:


Visualize Yourself Closing Your Eyes – All Three of Them

Is that third eye closed? Are you sure? We see you squinting through it. At least, that’s what it looks like. Make sure it’s all the way closed. You need to really visualize yourself going within to visualize your dreams for future visualizations.


Visualize Yourself Clearing Your Head of Anything Stressful

The biggest challenge in any visualization is all the noise and clutter of our everyday petty and mundane thoughts. Our minds are often running at full speed, cluttered with stressful thoughts that could give you a ineffective visualization. Visualize yourself having a clear mind, in order to turn off your busy brain so you can visualize properly.


Visualize Yourself Focusing on What You Want to Want

Be specific about the kinds of things you want to visualize. They’re not going to pop into your head on their own! Make a list, then imagine yourself imagining the things on the list. You can never over-visualize!



Visualize Yourself Using Affirmations

The first step in being able to visualize is to tell yourself, “I can.” Your visualizations are good. Your visualizations matter. Visualize yourself telling yourself that you know how to visualize, and then maybe you’ll finally be able to actualize your visualizations.


Visualize Yourself as Someone Who is Good at Visualizing

Your friend Kim has the best visualizations. Her boyfriend is super hot — like, way hotter than she is. If Kim could end up with someone that hot, you can at least conceive of yourself having sex with someone that hot. Visualize yourself as Kim visualizing having sex with her boyfriend as practice for your own successful visualizations.


Visualize Yourself Throwing a Unicorn in There

This is your imagination. There are no boundaries except for the ones you set yourself. So get rid of them by visualizing yourself visualizing the craziest dreams imaginable!


You might not be on your way to a more exciting life, but at least you’re on your way to visualizing one!