6 Obstacles Keeping You From Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacles

Life can be tough. Whenever there is an obstacle in the way of what you want, there are new, bigger obstacles getting in the way of those obstacles. Here are six obstacles that are keeping you from overcoming your greatest obstacles in life:


The Goal: Getting a raise.

The Obstacle: You’re not sure how to demonstrate your specific value to the company.

The Obstacle to the Obstacle: Your desk is a mess! How can your boss see your value behind that nest of paperwork and food scraps you’ve made for yourself? You could spend years in therapy trying to figure out what’s keeping you from cleaning your desk, so you better start there.


The Goal: Maintaining a good work-life balance.

The Obstacle: You’re a workaholic.

The Obstacle to the Obstacle: Well, the rest of your life kind of sucks. Hey now, don’t get upset! What do you do outside of work that’s actually interesting? Netflix doesn’t count! If you didn’t have such a boring life, you’d definitely care less about work. It could take a lifetime to cultivate an interesting life, so maybe you should just start off with some Netflix documentaries?


The Goal: Streamlining your beauty routine.

The Obstacle: You’re a hoarder who can’t bear to part with anything in your makeup bag.

The Obstacle to the Obstacle: That low self-esteem carried over from junior high, right there with that blue glitter eyeshadow/black eyeliner combo you’ve been holding onto. Go get a mirror. See? You look terrible. Let it go.



The Goal: Eating healthier.

The Obstacle: There aren’t any healthy options in your neighborhood.

The Obstacle to the Obstacle: Your job doesn’t pay very well, and has forced you to live in a food desert. Quit that stupid job you love so much!


The Goal: Getting more exercise.

The Obstacle: There’s just not enough time in the day.

The Obstacle to the Obstacle: Your perception of time is flawed. Did you realize you spend at least four hours a night watching Netflix?


The Goal: Not obsessing over what other people think.

The Obstacle: You’re a people-pleaser

The Obstacle to the Obstacle: You’ve never killed a man with your bare hands. GO KILL A MAN WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.


Well, there you go! Now you’re an American Gladiator of life, tackling obstacles and obstacles to obstacles left and right! Now you just have to watch out for runaway tigers!