How I Remembered To Take My Vitamins By Covering His Dick In B-12


It’s so hard these days remembering to take every vitamin, supplement, and collagen powder every day. Who can remember to do something so tedious and boring? That’s why I used the proverbial spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down – by cracking a vitamin B-12 softgel open and rubbing it all over my man’s amazing dick.



Vitamins often taste gross and make me wanna gag. That’s why it’s so much easier to lick one off of a big, tasty dick that I already love. Eating B-12 off a stiff cock has taken my vitamin routine from snoozeville to slut-town, and this horny bitch is loving it.


Move over, Dr. Oz! Hello, vitamin-rich, energy-giving dicksickle!


It’s easy, you just open vitamin bottle, open a gel capsule with your French tips, ask your guy if his dick is hard yet, dump the pill contents on his throbbing member, and take your vitamins while you take his delicious dick.


Some people say it’s more fun to take a multivitamin in chewy gummy form, but personally I prefer my vitamins in licky-dick form.


My man is sure not complaining! Nor is my doctor! Or my boss! Plus my energy levels are through the roof.


In other words, I’ll have what I’m having (a dick with vitamins smeared on it)!


Seriously though, I really cannot recommend covering your guy’s dick in B-12 enough. I’m feeling sharper, happier, and most importantly sexy as all hell. Give it a try!