Horror Movies That Are Scary But Not As Scary As a Late Period

Everyone likes a good scare during Halloween season! And there’s no better way to get those endorphins pumping than a good old-fashioned scary movie. But of course, no scare from a horror movie is as scary as a pregnancy scare! Here are some horror movies that are scary, but not as scary as a late period.



Halloween is the OG slasher film that will give you nightmares for days. As terrifying as this classic is, however, it pales in comparison to the horror of a late period that will scare you right into the fetal position. You’ll be up all night with the lights on Googling “early signs of pregnancy…” until the sun comes up.



The infamous shower scene that has haunted women for decades will have you shaking and checking your apartment before you shower for weeks. Alfred Hitchcock may be the master of suspense, but there is no suspense more frightening than the passing of each second spent waiting for your late period. You’ll be thinking about motherhood even more than Norman Bates! Now that’s scary!



The epic opening scene of Scream where Drew Barrymore is taunted and killed by a serial killer is one of the scariest and most notorious in cinema. In this slasher flick, there is bloodshed everywhere, but only the bloodshed of your uterine wall will calm your nerves. After all, the only thing more chilling than seeing blood everywhere, is seeing no blood in your panties.




Clowns are creepy, but murderous clowns are as terrifying as it can get. Unless, of course, it’s been four days since you were supposed to get your period. There is no clown more spine-chilling than the one you would need to book for your unplanned future kid’s birthday party.



If you like your spooks gory than this is the horror movie for you! Hold off on the popcorn though because all the gruesome deaths will have you sick to your stomach. Or is that just the start of morning sickness??? Oh god.


Watch these movie this Halloween season and you’ll be frightened by all the spooky creatures that go bump in the night. Of course, the only bump that will be truly be rattling your bones this Halloween is your potential baby bump.