High Woman Watching Movie Acutely Aware That Actor Is Acting

woman watching tv

Earlier this week, Ashville, NC resident Elena Morris told reporters that after getting high and putting on a movie, she just couldn’t shake the feeling that the lead actor was definitely acting.


“It was just so obvious,” she said. “I knew right away he was acting.”


When questioned about what exactly it was about the actor that had clued her in, Morris stated that it was nothing specific, but more of a “gut feeling” – adding that “his face started giving me a really weird vibe about 30 minutes in.”


Morris admitted that this would impact how she views movies moving forward.


“I’m just feeling very jaded at the moment,” she said. “How many other movies could be ruined for me if I watch them while high? I don’t want to accidentally ruin National Treasure just because I can’t get it out of my head that Nick Cage is acting. That would be devastating, particularly for that sort of cinéma vérité.”


Come press time, Morris said that she just wasn’t sure if she could continue watching movies for pleasure when high.


“The idea that they’re just actors acting really takes away from the medium as a whole,” she said. “This experience has opened my eyes to the fact that movies are, in fact, fake, and that characters are just that – characters. I think I’ll stick to nature shows and murder documentaries when I smoke from now on.”


When asked about her stance on watching reality television shows like The Real Housewives when high, Morris became agitated, calling it a “whole separate can of worms.”


“It’s too much to wrap my mind around – like, it is ultimately a performance? But they’re playing themselves? It’s just all too much, I don’t want to get into it.”

Our reporters said that, at this point, Morris became too distressed to continue, and declined to comment further, even succumbing to tears when asked about Keeping Up with the Kardashians.



Morris’s story, and others like it, serve as a warning – don’t watch movies when high, unless you’re ready to face the harsh reality that the actors are indeed acting.