Good News! Random Tarot Card Reader on TikTok Said Everything’s Going to Be Fine

In amazing news coming from your bedroom after lying motionless for over three hours, you found a tarot card reader while scrolling through TikTok who said that everything is actually going to be fine after all.


Witnesses report that this morning you were worried about work, your possibly toxic friendship with one of your best friends, having a low balance in your bank account, rent being due, and being rejected by your crush a few days ago via text. But luckily for you, after scrolling through TikTok in a blank stare for a few hours, the universe sent you a tarot card reader who provided you with some much-needed enlightenment.


“If you’re seeing this then this message is specifically for YOU,” the first caption on the TikTok video read, which was of course completely true.


“Right now, you’re in a state of heartbreak and anxiety, as seen by these two cards, the Nine of Swords and the Five of Pentacles,” the TikTok tarot reader, @MissHighPriestess42069, told you and at least 70,000 other people. “But, I see great things coming on the horizon for you as well.”


This made you perk up right away, as you were looking for any tiny crumb of hope to get you out of bed this morning.


“As you can see,” @MissHighPriestess42069 continued. “You have The Empress, The Sun, The Star, and the Four of Wands in the near future.”


“You’re only struggling right now because it will lead you to blossom very soon,” she said. “You’re actually nearing one of the greatest times in your life!”


This was wonderful news to hear, especially since you weren’t planning on taking any definitive action to make all the issues you’re dealing with any easier.



“I was taken aback at how accurate everything she said was,” you said about the TikTok. “Now I can carry on with my day knowing that everything is actually totally fine and I don’t have to worry about anything!”


At press time, you are reportedly looking for any tarot card reading online that mirrors exactly how you want to feel right now.