White Woman Who’s Body-Checked Her Way Into the Front Row at Every Concert Says Violence Never the Answer

In a puzzling story coming out of Los Angeles, CA, the day after the Oscars award ceremony, local white woman Hayley McDouglass posted to her Instagram story that “violence is never the answer,” despite her body-checking anyone and everyone to get to the front of every concert she’s ever attended.


“Violence is never the answer. Will Smith should hand back his award and be sent to JAIL for what he did to Chris Rock live on stage,” Hayley’s story caption read, even though she’s assaulted more than 200 people just at Tyler, the Creator shows alone.


“She literally tried to trip me at a Rico Nasty concert three years ago,” Yves Williams, one of the many victims of Hayley’s concert shoving, told us. “But I guess she only cares about ‘violence’ when she can accuse a Black person of it.”


Following the posting of her story, Hayley reportedly received numerous replies to it. Some white people lauded her statement, but most condemned what she said by pointing out the racist language she used. Because of this, she added another post to her story that read: “I’m not racist!!!! I literally have ‘Black Lives Matter’ in my bio!”


Witnesses report that Hayley’s virtue signaling doesn’t cancel out how passionate she was about sending a Black man to jail, especially when she seems to be okay with pushing, shoving, and even hitting people to get to the front of any concert.


“I just think that everyone should be held to the same standard,” Hayley told us. “Just because you’re a famous actor, that doesn’t mean you should be allowed to hit someone. I mean, he could’ve killed him!”


While this simply isn’t true at all, we do think it’s necessary to report that Hayley almost actually killed someone by knocking them down while the crowd was rushing to the front at a Charli XCX show.


At press time, Hayley has reportedly bought tickets for a Megan Thee Stallion concert this summer.



“It says general admission, but I’ll make sure I’m in the front row,” she said.


If anyone reading this is attending the same show, please be on high alert.