Here’s Some Generic, Unsolicited Advice from Your Friend’s Mom

Reductress - Stay at Home Mom

Girls, I know it can get tough out there sometimes. Take it from me. I’m a woman who has lived a long life as a mother, wife, employee, Girl Scout troop leader—you name it! This small town in central Ohio has thrown me for all manner of loops over the last 60 years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is that you have to take the road less traveled! For me, it has made all the difference.


I am so impressed with you girls out there today, following your hearts wherever they may lead you. Going out there and doing it is really the smartest thing you can do in this economy. You’re sitting there, about to throw in the towel, and you’re thinking, “What in Heaven’s name am I gonna do now?” We’ve all been there a time or two. Keep these pearls in mind and you’ll be feeling back in tip-top shape in no time.


“Nobody’s perfect.” This is a tough one to remember, but it really is the truth! Think about all the people you have known in your life. Are any of them perfect? Well, of course not! You’re not perfect either but that’s OK. The important thing is to just keep trying, and keep smiling. You have such a nice smile – your mother told me how much those braces cost them and I almost flipped!


“Sometimes you just need a break.” Oh boy, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But first, just take a breather and see if all you really need is a nice glass of Chardonnay and an episode of Frasier. The entire series is on Hula, girls! Get on it!



“Things will work themselves out in time.” I remember when my little Jessica was in the fifth grade, and she had a falling out with her best friend Lizzy. It was Lizzy’s fault, but that’s not the point. The point is: do you think that little scrape derailed their friendship? Of course not! They were the closest of girlfriends all through high school, and even college roommates. Later during their “college years,”Lizzy became addicted to prescription pills and swiped Jessica’s laptop, but that brings me to my next point:

“Everything happens for a reason.” I always said that God never gives you something you can’t handle. Of course, everyone handles it differently – sometimes it’s a handle of vodka! Ha ha ha. But seriously, there’s a reason for everything. Sometimes the reason stinks, but hey, maybe you’ll meet a hot cop while reporting your mugging! Lots of cute trauma surgeons in the ER, too. Who knows, you might just find a husband at the impound while picking up your totaled Jetta! You girls and your online dating, I’ll never understand it.


“It’s all about balance.” It really is, girls. I learned that in a yoga workshop I took once with Jess’s aunt Carol. You remember Carol, right? You threw up in her pool when you were seven. Anyway—try to wrap your mind around this—I mean “balance” in the physical sense but also just when it comes to your life and your priorities. You have to juggle career, love life, and make time for some fun once in a while, too.


“Don’t put the cart before the horse!” What does this one mean? My dearly departed granddad used to say this to me. I think it means do the work before you expect a reward! Or maybe it’s that you should think through how you’re going to do something! Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, girls! Think. Speaking of horses, do you still love horses? Boy, you used to love horses.


Remember girls, above all else—be original, be your true self, and shine with the stamp of your uniqueness in all that you do!