Girlboss! This Woman Decided Her Period Was Over Even Though It’s Definitely Not

In an impressive display of leadership and feminism, Berkeley resident Anna Maguire just decided her period is over even though it is clearly not over.


Talk about a trailblazer! She is literally blazing a trail in her underwear right now.


Anna made the monumental decision to stop dealing with that bullshit on the fifth day of her period.


“I had my period for five days, and I was still spotting pretty bad but I decided, fuck it, let’s just all move on,” Anna explained. “So now I’m just kind of saying, fuck it, if we just pretend it’s not there, maybe it will go away.”


We stan a gal who doesn’t care about any of the signals her body is screaming at her with gobs of blood!


Despite continuing to spot so heavily that it really can’t even be called spotting and bleeding through three pairs of underwear, Anna still remains steadfast in her decision.


“I know how much clothing I’ve destroyed this week,” Anna declared. “But it’s over. I know it is, because I said so.”


Can’t argue with that logic, Anna! Go forth and bleed!