Win! Word You Googled After Using It Works in Situation

In an incredible win for you, the word you Googled after using it did, in fact, make sense in the context of your statement.


You are ecstatic to discover that your use of the word “histrionic”, which you boldly uttered while speaking to an acquaintance without being totally sure of its meaning, was passably correct.


“This is amazing,” you report. “I was telling this story about a time my dad had a meltdown at me and my brother on a road trip because we wouldn’t stop singing ‘Barbie Girl’ a cappella for three hours, and I think I was trying to find the word hysterical, but my brain just short-circuited and histrionic came out of nowhere.”


“While I kept my cool in the moment, I was obviously panicked,” you add. “So to find out that my statement about my dad pulling the car to the side of the road and delivering a ‘histrionic’ speech about his alienable rights and us psychologically torturing him actually made sense is an immense weight off my shoulders. Wow, we really broke my dad that day. Anyway, thank God.”


“I knew it was one of those words that don’t mean what it sounds like, but I was afraid it might have, like, something to do with agriculture.”



Nope! It means melodramatic and you pulled that shit off flawlessly. Go buy yourself a fancy drink; you earned it.


To make this win even more monumental, the acquaintance you said the word to is reportedly very judgmental, and therefore the stakes could not have been higher.


“Ugh, Jason would never have forgotten it if I used ‘histrionic’ wrong,” you say. “He’s so smart and intense. I knew as I said it that if I was wrong he wouldn’t call me out, but he would catch it and judge me for it for the rest of our natural lives. Holy shit. I feel like a God right now.”


As you should!


When reached for comment, Jason shared a unique side of the story.


“Yeah, I didn’t really follow that story honestly,” he says. “Something about her dad giving a historical speech? People think I’m judging them because I’m really quiet and have glasses, but I’m actually just high all the time.”


Well, whatever!