Wow! This Woman Is Not Biphobic Unless A Bi Man Asks Her Out

Talk about a mystery! 26-year-old Shanya Roberts is outspoken against biphobia – that is, until a bisexual man messages her on Tinder.


We simply can’t figure out why she would say one thing, but do the total opposite!


“Biphobia just shows how uncomfortable we are with nuance,” Shanya posted just a few weeks ago, before ignoring matches with two men who identified as “bi” in their profile. “I identify as bi myself, and support all of my bi friends out there who have to deal with this bullshit.”


Shanya has dated several women and several straight men but is unsettled by the idea of a man who is open to doing the same.


Now that’s what we call cognitive dissonance!



“I will absolutely go head to head with anyone who treats bi people as lesser than,” says Shanya, since nobody can actually see what she does in her private digital existence. “I stand in solidarity with all my bi brothers and sisters.”


When asked if Shanya has any issues with bisexual men in particular, Shanya paused.


“No, I think they’re great,” Shanya said. “I’m sure they’re just figuring stuff out, like the rest of us, you know?”


“Anyway, I have a really good guy friend who is bi,” Shanya added. “He calls me all the time, always asks me how I’m doing, is always so sensitive and kind. I’m just so glad I have a friend like that.”


Since she’s so outspoken, we’re sure Shanya will get right to work on her complicated biases against alternate forms of masculinity!