Get the Look! Makeup Techniques to Fake Visible Upper-Rib Cage

reductress - rib cage

Nothing says “fit and healthy” like a protruding upper-rib cage. On the red carpet, stars don chest-exposing gowns that say, “There is a profound, visible connection between my heart and my brain stem.” And now yours can be beautiful and contoured, too!


To start off, you’ll want to locate your upper three or four ribs, which should be above boob-level if your boobs are appropriately small. If you’re a woman with some meat below her neck, you can use your thumbs to press down firmly, poking around to find those bones. Then use a ruler and blush to outline the spaces between them.


Once you’ve outlined your lady-ladder, you’ll want to use a highlighter brush along the most protruding part of each bone—that is, the rounder part. A generous smear of white highlighting powder will make those ribs look like they’re popping out so far that the naked bones are showing through.


Next, the contouring: If you don’t have a rib-contouring powder, any gray eyeshadow or blush will do. Otherwise, we recommend Urban Decay’s Cage Pop™ in SkeleGray. With a thin liner brush, create a soft line along the very bottom of each rib to really bring out the shadows of your shrunken torso.



Stand back and admire your now emaciated-and-fabulous chest. You’ll want to don something low-cut or chest framing, a dress or blazer that really makes that chest “pop”! After that, you and your flatter ladder will be ready to hit the town!