Use Question Marks to Seem More Feminine?

roommate - reductress

Are you using enough question marks for people to think you’re feminine? Because there’s nothing less feminine than making a definitive statement? So you should use more question marks in every situation?


Like, sometimes you just want to go to dinner somewhere? But you aren’t sure if the five other people on that email thread want to go there too? And you don’t know some of them all that well? And they’re totally going to judge you based on your suggestion? So you should probably just use a question mark after every sentence? So that everyone knows that none of what you’re saying is totally serious? And that you don’t actually care that much, anyway?


Or, like at work when you have an idea? And you think it might be a pretty good one? But, really, you just aren’t sure? And you don’t want to seem like a bitch by saying something that someone disagrees with? Just add a question mark to the end of what you think? Because then everyone will see that you’re really just going to agree to whatever? And that there’s no way someone could even disagree with you? Because it’s not like you actually said anything in the first place?



Or, also when you’ve been dating a guy for five years? And you feel like you might want to get married? But only if he wants to? Don’t just tell him that you love him and want to marry him? Because then if he doesn’t want to marry you it’ll be so embarrassing? And good relationships are based on agreeing? About everything? And if you’re really soul mates he’ll be able to read your mind anyway? Like, at least a little?


So, definitely start using more question marks? Or, don’t? I mean? It was just, like, an idea I had? Like if you don’t feel like using them, then you totally shouldn’t? It’s not really that big of a deal? I just thought it might be something you’d want to do?