Get His Attention By Sitting Next to the Only Outlet in the Room

It’s easy to dream of falling in love with a cute stranger that you meet in a coffee shop, but sometimes getting that stranger to notice you can be super difficult. In this age of laptops, however, there is one sure-fire way to get that cutie to look your way: placing yourself next to the only outlet in the room! Here’s how to grab his attention by taking the one thing he truly needs hostage:


Look Casual

Don’t draw attention to the fact that you’ve taken the only table within reach of the coveted sources of electricity. Act like you had no idea and coolly take your seat, your latte and book in hand. Soon enough, his laptop will need charging and he’ll find himself gazing at the cute, unplugged woman innocently reading next to the outlet he desperately needs. Sparks are about to fly, in more ways than one!


Don’t Let Anyone Else Use Them

It’s important to keep the outlets available for use by your coffee shop crush, or else he’ll never have a reason to awkwardly and adorably reach around you to plug his devices in. If anyone but your man comes up and tries to plug something in, don’t let them! Lie and say they’re broken or you’re not allowed to use them, but do it quietly, so your future lover doesn’t get discouraged from approaching you. Make sure he knows they’re available, much like you!



Bonus: Use Both Outlets Yourself

This move is a bit advanced, but if you’re feeling risky, use the outlets to charge your own devices. Phone, laptop, whatever you’ve got – just make sure none of the plugs are available. Sure, you might have to wait him out a bit, because he’s probably super respectful and wants to make sure you’re all charged up. Eventually, however, his low battery alerts will be impossible to ignore and he’ll take the risk to ask you how much longer you’ll need them. Conversation = started! Hearts = beating! Your cords will be sharing that electric flow in no time!


Be bold and place yourself right in between him and what he longs for. There’s no way he won’t notice you if you’re preventing him from powering up the laptop he desperately needs in order to meet a tight deadline! By understanding what he needs (an outlet), you’ll show him what he really needs (you). Good luck!