How to Treat Yourself to a Night In Because You Literally Cannot Afford to Go Out

Going out can be a fun way to let loose and feel good. But sometimes it can be nice to treat yourself to a quiet night at home instead of going out with friends, where you’d have to spend a lot of money you literally do not have right now. Here are ways to enjoy a night in because you actually don’t have enough money to leave the house!


Take a Bath

Start your night off with a relaxing soak in the tub, which can be a great way to put yourself in the self-care mindset. Let your mind relax and try not to think about the bar you could be drinking sangria at if it were not for your extremely low bank balance. You’re doing this for you, and not because you were kind of forced into doing it by lack of financial means! Sangria is expensive – baths are free!


Find Something Good on Netflix

Tonight is the perfect night to watch that movie you’ve been meaning to watch! Put on an old favorite show of yours that comforts you like an old friend, because your actual friends are splitting a few pitchers of margs that you certainly cannot afford right now. Pop on an episode of Gossip Girl and pretend like it doesn’t hurt you to see wealthy teens drinking all over Manhattan as if money is no issue. Fun! This is definitely your choice!


Put Your Electronics Away

Sometimes it can be nice to just unplug! Read a book, do some journaling, and avoid looking at your phone at all costs so you don’t have to resist texts inviting you out for “just one drink!” Enjoy the simple comforts of the written word, which has never convinced you to go in on a 2-for-1 wine deal that turns into a whole night you didn’t budget for and suddenly you’re out $45 that you really need for your water bill. What an escape books can be!



Just Go to Sleep!

Who says you can’t go to bed at 7 PM? This way, you won’t spend money or think about spending money or think about how you’d love to be spending money on a tequila shot or two or even just like some late night pizza with your friends out on the town. Sleep is so important for your health, but also mostly for your financial stability!


Taking care of yourself with the occasional night in is so, so important, and also completely necessary, because going out is so, so expensive! Follow these tips to find relaxation and save some cash – that is until your paycheck comes in and you forget everything you learned this month. Self-care!