Nation’s Dads Eagerly Awaiting Phone Call For Tax Help

With tax season in full swing, fathers across the nation are eagerly awaiting their annual phone calls from their daughters for help with their taxes.


“It’s sort of a tradition in our family,” said Kevin DeGraca, a Toledo-based dad. “My daughter Sadie is 28 years old, but she still calls every year asking me for help taking the info from her W-2s and inputting it into the TurboTax website. I love it.”


Many dads consider the initial annual phone call a rite of passage.


“My Lindsay just moved out a few months ago, so I’ve been waiting for this day with bated breath,” said Patrick McKeen, a Boston papa. “Once January came around, I knew it was coming.”


“She even filed as a dependent. I’m officially part of the tax dad club,” he added.


America’s daughters are equally excited.



“I should probably figure out how to input some numbers on my own,” said Katherine Laney of Manhattan. “I mean, the website makes it pretty clear. But if my dad is willing to basically do it for me for free, and it makes him happy, then what’s the harm?”


“I’m pumped to not have to pay for an accountant,” said Maria Ionacci, a Portland resident. “My dad will do my taxes just fine. He loves doing stuff like this for me.”


“Don’t all dads love doing stuff for their daughters that they easily could’ve done for themselves?” she added.