Easy Lunch Ideas To Fuel You Through An Afternoon Of Unprovoked Police Brutality

It’s hard to find time for lunch, especially when you’re trying to get to that afternoon protest before the police ruin it with bloodshed and violence. So grab throw together some of these easy lunches that will power you through getting shoved to the ground by a 30-year-old on methamphetamines who’s paid by the government to harass people of color. Here are our faves:


Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas are cheap, packed with protein, and best of all easy to throw on a salad. Add lettuce, cucumber, peppers, olive oil and any vinegar and you’re ready to power through an afternoon of protesting that was peaceful, right up until the cops got there.


A Tuna Melt

Tuna is one of the healthiest fish out there, and luckily you can buy it in a can. Throw it in your toaster oven, or grill in a pan for a cheese-y meal that will stick with you as you run through clouds of teargas while police are kettling you on a bridge for no good reason.



Avocado Toast

What an easy meal! Just smear some avocado on toast and sprinkle with salt or whatever you want to give you the strength to walk in the hot sun until you’re physically assaulted out of nowhere by a cop. Throw on an egg if it’s feeling like the cops really have something to prove today and are gonna be shooting at you with rubber bullets.


A Tofu Scramble

Crumble tofu with your fingers and fry up with some spices like cumin and garlic. Add veggies, toast, or whatever you’d normally eat eggs with and you’ve had a light and healthy meal that will still fuel you through sitting in a hot paddy wagon for hours white your wrists are cuffed to the point of drawing blood. If this was meant to get you to shut up about police brutality, it’s really not working.


Get ready to take part in this massive Black Lives Matter protest movement! Just make you fuel up beforehand, because it might get rough out there.