QUIZ: Are You Being Silenced or Are You Just on Mute?

As workplaces have moved to Zoom, women have had to navigate a new terrain with unique obstacles when it comes to making their voices heard in the office. If you’re struggling with commanding the respect and attention you deserve, then take this quiz and find out once and for all: Are you being silenced, or are you just on mute?


Which of the following is an all too familiar experience during meetings?

A. I’ll pitch an idea to a lukewarm response, and then later a male colleague will suggest virtually the same thing and be praised for it.

B. I’ll pitch an idea and no one acknowledges it whatsoever. It’s like I’m a ghost.


When you try to voice your complaints, what sort of reception do you get?

A. It feels like my concerns are downplayed, or I’m told that they will try to be better but nothing changes.

B. People say things like “We can’t hear you. Did you mute yourself again? Just press the button, it’s right there.”


Do your friends at work affirm your experiences?

A. Yes, my close coworkers have validated the fact that I am often spoken over or ignored.

B. They mostly stay quiet, at most sending me a sidebar message saying, “you’re still muted, just so you know. You gotta unmute yourself before you speak.”


Are you on mute right now?






Mostly A’s: Unfortunately, you are dealing with something that many women and people of color of all genders have encountered for ages in the workplace. You are being silenced.

Mostly B’s: You are on mute and that is honestly, in a very real way, on you. Seriously, just check next time.