Dance Anthems to Shout “WHAT?” Over All Night Long

Sometimes the best thing to do after a long day is head out to the club and dance away your stress! And sometimes when you get to da club you immediately realize you should have gone somewhere quiet instead to just unwind and chill with your friends. Whoops! Oh well! Here are the best dance anthems to shout “WHAT” over all night long.


Turn The Beat Around (Vicki Sue Robinson)

This classic dance anthem is perfect for throwing your hands in the air like you just don’t care! Although it’s hard not to care about what your best friend is desperately trying to communicate to you from across the dance floor. You’re going to be screaming “what” and “huh” all night until you figure out that your friend was just trying to tell you she’s going to the bathroom. Fun!


I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)

You can dance with somebody when you’re shakin’ your booty on the dance floor to this iconic song! But if it’s someone you’re actually trying to get to know, then you can bet that you’ll be spend half the night screaming “what” at him until your voice is hoarse. Yay!


Dancing On My Own (Robyn)

Nothing gets the dance floor poppin’ like this amazing song by Robyn! Two minutes in though and you’ll have screamed “WHAT?!??!” at your BFF so many times you’ll wish you really were dancing on your own. Maybe you should have gone out for quiet wine spritzers instead. Like who the hell do you think you are?! A Kardashian?


Shut Up And Dance (Walk The Moon)

This recent classic is just the song to get everyone up out of their seats and onto the dance floor! But your boyfriend will try so hard to make funny jokes while you dance that you will eventually have to say “shut up and dance” for real and he will say “WHAT” and you will say “WHAT” and it’ll go like that for the next few hours until you have no choice but to leave and so you can drive home together in uncomfortable silence. So fun!



Ugh! Going out is loud! But you can have a good time screaming “WHAAAT” at your girls to these iconic dance anthems. Or you could just, you know, go home and watch Quantico by yourself for five hours!