Dad Desperately Trying To Remember What This Building Was Before Restaurant

While visiting his daughter at his old alma mater, Ben Drucart several minutes standing in front of an Italian restaurant looking flustered, desperately trying to remember what stood there nearly thirty years ago.


“I cannot for the life of me remember what this building was before,” says Ben. “Now it’s a restaurant, but what was it before? Maybe a burger joint? Where we used to get milkshakes? What was the name of it again? Maybe it was a laundromat.”


While Ben’s family encouraged him to let it go as they were eager to make their dinner reservation down the street, he wasn’t able to walk away from the building without an answer.


“This is gonna bug me,” he said, before reportedly spending the whole dinner looking off into the distance with his eyebrows furrowed. “I remember those brown walls. They haven’t changed a bit.”


Reports confirm that Dad wandered back to the Italian restaurant and asked the host what used to be there before. Although the host was 20 years old, he managed to tell her several long stories about what they’d do on the weekends when he was in school.



“I wish we could just enjoy the trip,” says Molly, Mary’s mother. “But no, Benjamin’s gotta remind us how much the town’s changed. Of course the town’s changed, sweetie. You’re 60 years old!”


“Maybe it was a bookstore?” says Ben, asking no one in particular, maybe God. “I gotta text my old buddy Zach. He’ll know.”


Sources confirm he pulled out a flip phone and spent the next ten minutes squinting to see the screen before giving up in frustration.