Complex Summer Braids to Sculpt Your Upper Arms

The solution to your summer hair woes is here! Complex braids hide frizz from humidity and force you to lift and move your arms while you delicately yet firmly craft the look. Kick summer off with our milkmaid-approved list of complex, arm-sculpting braids:

The Ballerina Bun

1. The Braided Bun

The braided bun is a great alternative to a regular bun because it’s a twist on a classic lazy girl hairstyle; also it’s much, much harder on your arms. Adding a complicated braid will will confuse your muscles enough to get you to the brink of exhaustion. And as we all know, they key to any workout is pushing harder and going further.






2. Khaleesi Braids

Want to look like an angel figurine, or just like a gal on her way to Comic Con? Take what is yours with fire and blood. Section off your hair and braid one zillion tiny-but-thick braids beginning at the crown of your head. This will get the arm burn going, but weaving them in and out of each other into one giant braid will really get that long lean arm look by working with your own hair weight. Dart, weave, dart dart, weave weave. You’ll get it. Werq!




rose braid

3. Rose Braid

This braid is all about endurance. Starting on the outside of your head, braid in a circular fashion until you get the crown of you head. Your head should look a bit like a blooming rose. Now go on a hike in a beautiful mountain range to look for wild flowers to place in your hair. Gorgeous and a great workout!






4. Crossfit Battle Rope Braids

Try this braid on your most Rapunzelesque horse-loving friend who has never cut her hair in her life. Braid two long classic braids on either side of her head. Then bring her to your high intensity interval training class and get your battle ropes on! Ha ha, just kidding, you’ll be exhausted enough from the braids!



Whip up any of these braid styles, and your arms will be ready for tank top season faster than you can say, “My elbows hurt!”