Messenger Bags That Will Pull Your Boobs Apart

Messenger bags are seen as practical necessities, but they can also be fun, sexy, and completely separate your boobs into two distinct blobs in your shirt! There are carryalls for all types of boobs just waiting to be stretched apart. Spice up your bag collection with these fun accessories that all come with a strap to rub right down the center of your chest and pull those boobs away from each other:



1. The Classic (ModCloth, $69.99)1-Classic

Although this messenger bag won’t turn heads on its own, it will definitely hold your stuff in a subtly fashionable way while the strap inches your boobs apart! This fashion find is perfect for those who don’t want to draw a lot of attention but still want to look cute while forcing those breasts east to west.







2. The Sporty (Lacoste, $118)2-Sporty

For the woman on the go, this messenger is perfect to transition from work to happy hour with the girls! Its sporty design only adds to the fact it will be increasing the distance between your sweater puppies. It’s also great for the gym, when your boobs are normally united by a sports bra! Just throw in your sweats and a few water bottles, and you’ll be telling the world, “I run toward my goals while my boobs run away from each other!”










3. The Fringe (Forever 21, $44.90)3-Fringe

Perfect for music festivals or outdoor movie screenings, this fringey messenger bag is a great accessory to any earthy-chic outfit. This carryall goes perfect with tank tops, crop tops, and tube tops—all to accentuate your boobs sliding unflatteringly towards your armpits. Use this bag to hold all your essentials to make your day effortless and see your boobs wave to each other from their new resting places!







4. The Slouchy (Urban Outfitters, $69)4-Slouchy

This messenger bag is great for going out on the town, hitting up brunch, or just shopping with the girls. It comes in many varieties and will do the same thing as just any other messenger bag—it holds your stuff while a single strap wraps around one shoulder and cuts down your center line pulling your tits apart!






Now that summer’s in full bloom, grab any of these fun bags to compliment any outfit and pull apart any boob shape!