Get Your Thighs Chafe-Ready for Summer!

Wanna get your legs silky soft just in time to be torn apart by the scratching of your five o’clock thigh stubble? Turn heads this summer and attract those empathetic looks of discomfort when your red and raw but touchably smooth thighs are on display! Here’s how to get your thighs ready for the summer chafing of a lifetime:



Did you know you’re supposed to exfoliate your legs?! You are! A homemade sugar and olive oil scrub can help you slough off that dead skin so that those supple, soft thighs are ready to be served up for a hot summer chafing!



Legs just aren’t ready for the summer sunshine until they’re completely bare of hair. You want a clean slate, so that that five o’clock thigh shadow can really dig its heels in by end of day. Ouchie yowzie—you look hot!



Apply Sunblock!

Letting your legs do the talking doesn’t mean they also have to do the burning! Apply an even coat of sunscreen to block out those UV rays, protecting that velvety flesh and making sure your chub rub stands out for the red, supercharged chafing it is. It’s not a sunburn; it’s 100% chafe!


Don Thigh-Freeing Apparel!

Once you’ve got your soft, satiny legs ready for summer, you’re going to want to wear something breezy to show them off and really let those plush little thighs scrape together without restriction. Try a flowy skirt or some super short, high-waisted shorts for a fun and flirty outdoor outing that gets your thighs burning!


When all is Ready—Walk!

 You’ve finally got the chafe-ready thighs that you deserve. Use this opportunity to put on a skirt and bipedal your way around town! Nothing shows of your girly gams while simultaneously tearing them to shreds like a simmering saunter in the summertime! You’ve earned it, lady! Now get yourself some Neosporin and a drink!