BREAKING: Mom is Gonna Do a Big Shop

Reports out of Fayetteville, Arkansas indicate that mother of three Maylene Watts is about to start her “big shop” for the week, where she’ll pick up the majority of ingredients for the week’s meals.


“I don’t know why she started calling it that,” says her son Doug. “It sounds weird. Just say you’re going grocery shopping.”


The source of the term is unclear, but some speculate she may have picked it up from one of the British TV shows she loves to watch.



“Maybe it’s from Midsomer Murders?” wonders her daughter, Lindsay. “Or something Jamie Oliver says? I’ve never heard it before in my life.”


“I’m pretty sure that’s just what I’ve always called it,” says Maylene, though none of her elder relatives can remember her being raised with such a saying.


“The big shop?” asks her mother, Louisa. “She means like a big store? Is this for clothing or what?”


“Well anyway, let me know if any of you have any requests,” Maylene offered. “I’m not gonna be running back and forth to the shops all week. This is the big shop.”