Brave! This Woman Decided To Put Down Her Phone and Go to Sleep

Last night after lying in bed and scrolling through her various feeds for over an hour, 27-year-old Bethany Hurley made the courageous decision to finally put her phone down and go to sleep.


While most people would just endlessly scroll through their phone, slipping in and out of consciousness until dawn, this show of bravery and self-restraint is an inspiration to us all!


Bethany’s boyfriend, 25-year-old Samuel Joharski, confirms that this was a momentous occasion, since he usually wakes up in the middle of the night to Bethany’s face lit up by her iPhone’s glow.


”I think we’re cuddling all night, but when I wake up to pee or grab water, she’s huddled under the covers with her pointer finger sticking out, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,” says Joharski. “But last night, I heard the click of her lock screen and opened my eyes to see her put her phone down on the nightstand. I mean, I was stunned.”


It turns out, Bethany is just as shocked as her boyfriend.


“It felt good to doze off at first, says Bethany. “But when I woke up, there were so many things I had missed. Then again, I haven’t slept for longer than four hours in the last two years, so I definitely feel well-rested today.”


Dang, this bitch is brave!



In the past, Hurley has boasted that she never takes longer than one minute to answer a text. However, last night’s cellular hiatus left Hurley feeling overwhelmed upon returning to her device.


“My co-worker asked if I wanted to go to barre in the morning, but I missed the text because I was asleep,” says Hurley. “I didn’t answer for seven hours. She actually thought I was dead.”


Someday, Hurley hopes to be able to leave her phone at her desk while she pees, but cites that as a long-term goal.


“I’ll get there, but that’s a pipe dream,” she says.


Get it, queen!