Boyfriend’s Little Sister Wants to Show You Just One Thing on Her iPad

In a harrowing story out of Pittsburgh, sources confirm that your boyfriend’s little sister wants to show you something on her iPad real quick – promise, it’ll just take a minute.


“It’s super quick, I just want you to see this one thing,” said 10-year-old Lisa, who definitely has nothing of interest or humor to show you. “It’s so cool, you’ll love it.”


Lisa, whose favorite iPad pastimes are watching slime-making tutorials on Youtube and playing Candy Crush, continued to beg for your attention for just a quick second to show you this one thing. Just this one thing.


“I know you’re gonna laugh,” she said, having no idea of the compexity of your adult thoughts and tastes. “It won’t even take long, I swear.”


“Then you guys can go back to making out or whatever,” she added.


Your boyfriend Daniel is being no help here.


“Just humor her, she’s little,” he said, despite the fact that he actively ignores Lisa’s pleads normally. “It’s probably just some cartoon or something.”


“Then we can go back to making out,” he added.



“It’s JoJo Siwa!” Lisa exclaimed as she forced you to watch the 16-year-old Youtube star. “Isn’t she so cool? This song is sooooo good.”


Sources confirm that, while you did not find the video cool, you did find it absolutely mesmerizing and watched more of her channel later on.