Woman Just Texting People She Wants To Hang Out With Like Some Sort of Sick Freak

In an appalling story out of Boston, Andrea Carlson has apparently just been texting people she wants to hang out with like some sort of sick weirdo looking for some fun.


Carlson, whose twisted social instincts are a complete anomaly, was caught firing texts off to acquaintances, neighbors, and coworkers who she wants to get to know better, bombarding them with phrases like, “Hey, let’s grab a drink soon!” and “We should def hang out outside of work,” proving that she’s pretty much fully unhinged at this point.


“I was with her a few days ago and she sent a text to this woman she knows from yoga,” Carlson’s roommate Catherine Barnes recalled. “She doesn’t even know her that well. She’s a loose cannon at this point.”


Carlson began showing signs of the alarming behavior in college, where she would strike up conversations with just about anyone and even go as far to pay heartfelt compliments to complete and utter strangers.


“It makes me a little sick when you really think about it,“ Barnes said of Carlson’s brazen and abnormal behavior. “Where does she get off, sending people nice texts implying that she enjoys their presence and wants to spend more time with them? Somehow she thinks that she transcends arbitrary social norms.”


“She should just let things progress naturally. Like, maybe in a few years it would be cool to get drinks with a coworker, but only a lunatic would try to accelerate that process.”



Callie DeVries, member of Carlson’s yoga class and recipient of the unsolicited text, reported that it was “So sweet” and “Made her day,” but obviously wasn’t wrapping her head around the fact that she had just agreed to grab a cup of coffee with a woman who is clearly and deeply deranged.


Although she hopes that Carlson will eventually come to her senses, Barnes regretfully reported that her roommate’s fucked-up impulse to intentionally acknowledge and reach out to other people only grows by the day.


“I just hope she knows where to stop. Next thing you know, she’ll be straight-up telling these people that she’d like to be their friend. Can you imagine?”