Woman Laughs Off Boyfriend’s Lighthearted Misogyny

Carly McKinley had “a good laugh” as her boyfriend Steve discussed his charming aversion to women’s sports at the bar this past Sunday.


“He kept joking that he doesn’t see the point of the WNBA because boys can run faster and jump higher,” Carly dished. “Isn’t that funny? He can’t be serious!”


Laughing along, Steve assured her: “I am! I am serious!”


Carly told girlfriends that Steve is actually a total gentleman when it’s just the two of them, although almost everything he says in public is blatantly misogynistic.


Steven then went on to say that women shouldn’t make as much money as men because they can’t be trusted to spend it wisely, as Carly laughed loudly and changed the subject.



Though Carly has a Master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, Steve finds it pointless to engage her in meaningful discussion on current events.


“I don’t want her to get all emotional; her voice gets shrill and she doesn’t look pretty,” Steve lightheartedly recalls of past debates. “I don’t want her to worry about things she can’t understand.”


“Plus she’s wrong a lot,” he added, as Carly laughed even harder.


For their recent two-year anniversary dinner, Steve said that he opted to order a garden salad “for the lady” and a cheeseburger for himself. “Red meat is bad for a woman’s reproductive system,” he cheerfully explained.


Carly smiled and kissed him on the nose.