Beth Makes Four More Facebook Groups Before Lunch

After a busy morning, Beth MacKenzie successfully added four more Facebook groups to her roster.


Beth currently moderates 107 groups and counting, which range from topics of political activism, pop culture passions, animals, and the sale of LuLaRoe leggings. The majority of the groups are currently inactive.


“It started early over coffee when I realized a significant faction of my Ashtanga yoga group is interested in training for a half-marathon,” says MacKenzie. “My regular running group is so focused on sneakers and training schedules, I thought we could use a new group to discuss training from a holistic perspective.”


A half-hour later MacKenzie posited the question: “Is anyone interested in protesting Trump?” in her “Pitbull Fosterers of Westchester” group, which led to the creation of a “PFWs for Change” group.



“I just love bringing people together based on common interests and causes,” she says, though members of her “Easy Healthy Recipes for SAHMs” group claim she has not responded to requests to delete posts containing hate speech over the last several months.


MacKenzie managed to eke out a third group before 11am, called “Bad Day Pick-Me-Ups” because she was “having a bad day.” As of this morning the group has just two members, MacKenzie and her high school friend, Lucy Waithe, and contains only one post – a meme of a minion drinking wine.


“This is a place to let loose and have some fun,” wrote Mackenzie.


Not to be outdone, Mackenzie tacked on a fourth group before she left her cubicle at noon to get her lunch from the office fridge. The group name was “Arts Appreciation for WOMEN” but she explained in a pinned post that she was “open to other group names” before she changed it to “Paul Rudd Nation.”


In a post addressed the group’s zero members, Mackenzie wrote, “You guys…” over a still from the movie Ant-Man.