Bad Bitch Alert: Stacy Just Circling Back Per Her Previous Email

In a badass move that let everyone know just how hardcore women can be, New York City resident Stacy Montrose is just circling back per her previous email to see if you’ve had time to consider her application for the open receptionist position at Energize, an up-and-coming tech company.


Sound the bad bitch alarm, cause this woman is so confident that she’s politely following up at an appropriate time and in a totally proper way!


“I was inspired by Stacy’s move to send a follow-up email, which was quite professional albeit a little desperate,” says Greta Sanders, CEO of Energize. “She definitely took the bull by the horns while also complying with the social norms of email etiquette.”


“With that being said, silence from a place you applied to work usually means it’s a ‘no’,” she added. “Oh yeah, she’s definitely not getting the job, but I’d still venture to say Stacy’s a bad bitch.”


Way to show everyone who’s boss by checking in about an application in a very normal way!



Despite the fact that Stacy was extremely underqualified for the position and not very good in the interview, women around her are praising her for reaching out to the company a second time.


“I always second-guess myself when it comes to bumping a previous email,” says Lauren Valnor, Stacy’s friend. “When Stacy told me she followed up, I was baffled. And when she told me it was a simple and pleasant email, I almost fainted. It’s like, there are just no rules when this bad bitch is around!”


“Women can be just as aggressive and confident as any man,” says Daniella Vercinti, another friend. “You think a man would think twice about sending a follow-up email? No! That’s why when Stacy forwarded her email with the subject ‘Just following up!!’ And I thought, hell yes, bitch!”


When asked for a copy of the email, Stacy forwarded it proudly.


“I just want women everywhere to know women can go after what we want,” says Stacy, who signed the email “Sorry if this is aggressive, and thanks for your consideration!”


Yes, bitch, be bad as hell!