How to Wear Pants as Hats Like a Bad Bitch

It’s that age-old question that haunts fashionistas everywhere: How the hell do you pull off wearing pants as hats without looking basic as fuck? Girl, don’t worry—we hear you and we’ve got your covered (your head that is, with pants). Bad bitches do whatever they want, whenever they want, and put pants wherever they want, so listed below are six ways to wear pants like a bad bitch that’ll make your haters go, “Is she…is she wearing pants on her head??”


1. Pile

The Pile

It’s a known fact that bad bitches give zero fucks, and neither should you when it comes to wearing pants as hats. For a simple look that says, “Like I even give a fuck that pants are on my head,” try The Pile, which is where you crumble a pair of pants into a ball and just like set it on top of your badass mahfuckin’ head. You don’t give a fuck out what’s on your head, oh, is it pants? Like you care. Work it, girl.





2. Double Snake

The Double Snake

Snakes are scary and bad bitches love danger. For bold look that says, “I’m not afraid of anything and also I’ve got pants on my head,” try the Double Snake, which is where you let the legs dangle on either side of your face so it kind of looks like snakes. Tip: When you’re struttin’ down the street and see a hot boy, give him a little, “Hisssssss” to make him go, “Did that girl with pants on her head just hiss at me?” Yes, you did!



3. Pants as Hair

Pants as Hair

It’s a known fact: Bad bitches have fuckin’ crazy-ass, DGAF hair. A close cousin of the Double Snake, rock the “pants as hats as hair” by letting the legs drop on the sides of your head, while also carrying around a hairbrush and brushing the pants, as if to say, “I truly believe this pants to be hair; who has a problem with me?????” Nobody, that’s right—cuz you a bad bitch!




4. The Ol Two Pants

The Ol’ Two-Pants

Nothing says “even badder bitch” like (you guessed it, girl) more fuckin’ pants. For a devil-may-care style that says, “What am I doing, no, seriously, what,” look no further than just putting two pairs of pants on your head and walking the fuck outside. You’ll make all the boys go, “Is she wearing multiple pairs of pants on her head?” when you walk down the street wearing not one, but two pants as hats. Fierce!



5. Pirate

The Pirate

Pirates stole ships and shit and that makes them the original bad bitch. For a throwback look that shouts, “I don’t understand the concept of anything,” wrap the pants around your head and pin the legs together behind your head, like a sickass swashbuckling bandana. Now you’re ready to captain your ship through ALL SORTS of dangerous shit. Harsh waters? More like “who gives a fuck, not this bad bitch, I’ll kick the water’s ass, I’ll kick ALL THE OCEAN’S ASS.” Wow—you have pants on your head, ya nasty bitch!


You may be asking, “Can I wear pants as hats when I’m also wearing pants as pants?” The answer is yes, of course; what’re you, an idiot? Lol!