6 Big Cozy Cardigans That Will Make You Really Miss Pop-Pop

Brrr, it’s chilly out there again! The heat in your home hasn’t been on since this morning, and the whole place has a chill in it that you just can’t shake! And it’s just a little bit colder thinking about how Grandpa is no longer here. How you’d love to be with him now, playing checkers, watching Jeopardy!, and talking about the Korean War. Why not pull on a big, cozy cardigan—just like Gramps used to wear! Here’s half a dozen comfy, roomy cardigans that’ll warm you up and make you really miss Pop-Pop.


1. Signature Matinicus Rock Cardigan (L.L.Bean, $120)#1 sweater cozy

This retro wool number is a classic for reminiscing by the fire about Pop-Pop. The flame’s gentle crackle reminds you of the hushed tones he would use when talking about his Depression-era best buddy Buck Hoonsby. He told that story every night, and all of it was lies—according to Uncle Dennis, Buck never even existed—but you’ll be damned if this cardigan doesn’t make you miss it! Wrap this one around you and remember what a nonsensical old kook Pop-Pop was.





2. Deer Valley Fair Isle Cardigan Sweater (Eddie Bauer, $150)#2 cozy sweater

Here’s a big fuzzy sweater for chilly nights spent scrolling through the old-timey musicals you used to watch as a child with Grandpa. You don’t really get the appeal of the naïve optimism and predictable plotlines, but tonight (for nostalgic reasons) you’re watching Anything Goes! This cardigan will be as good as listening to Pop-Pop seamlessly transition from whistling along to the movie’s tunes to snoring, in mere seconds—a classic memory! If only he could see what a sweater-wearing adult you’ve become.





3. Hearth & Home Shawl Collar Cardigan (Territory Ahead, $109)#3 cozy sweater

Trying to be conservative and warm but still stylish? You’re gonna need a well-made cardigan with a good collar and a present-but-not-overwhelming mothball scent. This one is sure to do the trick, just like that trick Pop-Pop used to do with the quarter behind your ear. You got pretty tired of it after a while, but now you wish you could spend some time with the old fart! Wow, you really miss him a lot. This cardigan, though!













4. Textured Shawl Cardigan (Hollister, $30)#4 cozy sweater

Remember when Pop-Pop used to drive around in his Mazda, cat-calling nurses on their lunch break? Why does that memory make us miss him?! That is an objectively bad thing!! Consider going out to a nice dinner in his memory while being as rude as possible to the waitstaff, mumbling your sequestered sexist thoughts, and blaming the fact that you pissed yourself on Obama. This feels cozy!






5. Donegal Full-Zip Cardigan Sweater (J. Crew Factory, $50)#5 cozy sweater

Zip cardigans were basically the only thing Grandpa ever used to wear to church. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the Lord’s good word and a Sunday full of guilt, football, and 1 PM gin consumption, this cardigan is for you. It’s like a big warm hug from Gramps all day long! You really should have called him more.





6. Lovat Shawl-Collar Cardigan (Orvis, $150)#6 cozy sweater

Pop-Pop’s favorite sweater was olive green, and he wore it every time you visited his country home as a youngster. This color will look great on you, and it’ll really bring back those cherished recollections of Pop-Pop talking endlessly about the Eisenhower administration. Those were better times!







Honor both your love of coziness and your love of Pop-Pop and wrap up in one of these classic, cozy cardigans that make feeling sad feel good! We miss you, Pop Pop!