How to Make an Empowered Decision That Everyone Around You Will Agree With

It’s 2015. You are empowered. You are encouraged. You can handle any conundrum thrown your way. But how do you make a confident decision that doesn’t hurt or alienate any single person around you? It’s simple!



Remain calm.

First, stay calm! You are a woman and running high on emotions! While making any decision is difficult, try to not let your emotions get in the way of asking anyone around you for their individual, better ideas!


Consult the masses.

Say, “What do you think?” to literally everyone you can possibly find. From your barista whose name you don’t remember, to your colleague, to someone forced to take the subway with you; ASK EVERYONE. The more opinions you get, the better! Vary this question, so it doesn’t sound repetitive, and never state your own opinion. Keep in mind that stating your opinion, or being definite on any subject at all, might end up alienating someone around you—and there’s nothing scarier than an alien! After you’ve taken a poll, trust your gut by going with the most popular decision.



Disconnect from your senses.

While you may feel an attachment to your opinions, beliefs, and personal history, it’s not worth holding onto all when it comes to gaining others’ respect and being a truly confident, self-possessed woman. There’s nothing worse than someone disagreeing with you or anything you stand for! When you make it your job to make everyone else happy, then everyone else will be happy, regardless of whether or not you’re happy. It’s that simple! Just say, “Yes! Let’s do that,” to anything anyone says even if you don’t agree! This way you will never hurt anyone, and everyone will agree with you. Best case scenario, you can ask so many people for their advice that you run out of time, and someone else has to make your decision for you—and then blame them if people don’t like it.


It’s 2015—you can make any decision you want (except for one that interferes with anyone around you’s thought process, feelings, or personal philosophies)! Have fun!