Wow! This Woman Entered a Blind Rage After Misplacing Her Keys for Just 15 Seconds

Some people have blood that just runs hot: Just this week, Kayla Allen proved that her emotional state can turn on a dime when she flew into a blind rage after misplacing her keys for a mere 15 seconds.


“As I was leaving my apartment, I looked down at the kitchen table and saw my keys weren’t where I expected them to be,” said Kayla, visibly shaken. “I tried to take deep breaths and stay calm, but I was already in a panic that was fast-approaching sheer wrath.”


While most people may have spent some time scanning the area before escalating the situation, Kayla knew she had to remedy the issue as quickly as possible by causing a huge and disproportionately dramatic scene.


“I immediately screamed for my roommate,” Kayla explained. “Why would I spend hours or possibly days looking for my keys when someone else might know where they are already?”


The choice to demand answers was obvious to Kayla, but her roommate didn’t see the crisis in the same way.


“Kayla starts screaming: ‘Have you seen my keys?’” said Kayla’s roommate, Mallika. “And I was like, no, maybe they’re in your room. That’s when she really lost it.”


“I still can’t fucking believe she suggested my keys were in my room,” said Kayla. “Do I look like the biggest dumbass in the world? I wouldn’t ask her where they were if they were in my room. God, what an upsetting moment that was. I’m still reeling from it all.”


Wow! Kayla is truly a creature of passion for roping her unwitting friend into her high stakes, momentary drama.


What started with shock, built to rage, then ultimately culminated in desperate sadness.


“By this time I had probably been looking for my keys for twenty minutes,” said Kayla, who had been looking for them for ten seconds. “I’m not ashamed to admit that I burst into tears. The whole thing was just so unfair.”



Just when she was ready to give up hope and call out of work, Kayla looked back down at her kitchen only to discover that her keys were, in fact, there, just kind of between a couple of things.


“It was an overpowering wave of relief,” Kayla said. “I nearly lost consciousness, I relaxed so much.”


Kayla still had to call out of work in order to fully recover from the incident, however she is gaining strength.


“I think I’m gonna run get some ginger root to replenish nutrients I lost in my rage,” said Kayla. “Wait, has anyone seen my wallet?”